Storage Tanks

GnP is one of the leading storage solutions provider for dry and liquid i.e. raw water, portable water and covers in association with international manufacturer.

We are the leader in the turnkey solution of factory coated metal storage tanks, aluminum domes and specialty covers in India

Advantages of Pre-Engineered above ground bolted steel sectional storage tanks & Silos

  • Liquid and dry bulk storage application
  • The tanks are assembled on site by overlapping and bolting steel panels
  • Water is contained in a special liner with a contact layer.
  • Solid galvanized steel trussed roofing system with entry access
  • Can be assembled on a sand pad or concrete ring beam
  • Can be installed in 1 day depending on size
  • Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), compared with other tanks – Highly durable with free from maintenance cost and recyclable in nature thus the overall cost is tremendously low in long run which justifies the value of investment.
  • Weight: The weight of bolted steel tank is 1/30 lighter, compared to a concrete tank
  • Longevity: bolted steel tanks are highly resistive to the effects of corrosion and other natural elements like heat. In fact, steel remains ductile through all temperature ranges, is fire resistant, and is unaffected by exposure to UV light. Provides a tough and abrasion resistant coating
  • Durability: Going hand in hand with longevity is durability. Unlike concrete tanks that are prone to cracking and leaking.
  • Self healing and long lasting

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